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package org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core.model;

import org.eclipse.core.resources.IFile;
import org.eclipse.core.resources.IFolder;
import org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject;
import org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException;
import org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor;
import org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core.preferences.IOOo;
import org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core.preferences.ISdk;
import org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core.wizards.LanguageWizardPage;

 * This interface has to be implemented to add a new supported language 
 * to the plugin. It only handles the interactions between the 
 * <code>UnoidlProject</code> and the language class.
 * @author cbosdonnat
 * @see org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core.internal.model.UnoidlProject
00021 public interface ILanguage {
       * Add a language specific language nature. This one has to
       * configure the language-specific properties of the project and 
       * set the builders.
       * @param project the project on which to add the nature. 
       *          Must not be null, otherwise the nature won't be added
      public void addProjectNature(IProject project);
       * Adds the language specific things of the uno project. The projet handle
       * has to be contained in the provided data.
      public void configureProject(UnoFactoryData data)
            throws Exception;
       * <p>Generates the language specific interfaces corresponding
       * to the project unoidl specifications. This method needs an
       * OpenOffice.org instance, the project <code>types.rdb</code> 
       * path, the build path where to put the generated files and
       * the root module to avoid massive idl types creation</p>
       * @param sdk the sdk containing the tools for generation
       * @param ooo the working OpenOffice.org instance
       * @param typesFile the project types.rdb path
       * @param buildFolder the path to the folder where to the files will
       *          be generated
       * @param rootModule the project root module (eg: <code>foo::bar</code>)
       * @param monitor the progress monitor
      public void generateFromTypes(ISdk sdk, IOOo ooo, IFile typesFile, 
                  IFolder buildFolder, String rootModule, IProgressMonitor monitor);
       * Adds the language specific dependencies for the project. This
       * is mostly about library path settings. This method althought has
       * to add the build path to the libraries and the implementation as 
       * the sources path. 
       * @param unoproject the uno project on which to add the dependencies
       * @param project the underlying project handle
       * @param monitor a progress monitor
       * @throws CoreException if there is any problem during the operation
      public void addLanguageDependencies(IUnoidlProject unoproject, 
                  IProject project, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException;
       * Adds the language specific OpenOffice.org dependencies to the project.
       * @param ooo the OpenOffice.org instance
       * @param project the project on which to add the dependencies
      public void addOOoDependencies(IOOo ooo, IProject project);
       * Removes the language specific OpenOffice.org dependencies from the project.
       * @param ooo the OpenOffice.org instance
       * @param project the project from which to remove the dependencies
      public void removeOOoDependencies(IOOo ooo, IProject project);
       * Creates the library containing the component.
       * @param unoProject the project to build into a library
       * @return the created library path
       * @throws Exception if anything wrong happened
      public String createLibrary(IUnoidlProject unoProject) throws Exception;
       * Computes the environment variables needed to build the library.
       * @param unoProject the uno project of the library
       * @param project the underlying eclipse project
       * @return an array containing all the environment variables under
       *          the form <code>NAME=VALUE</code>
      public String[] getBuildEnv(IUnoidlProject unoProject, IProject project);
       * Returns the wizard page to insert after the new UNO project page. This
       * page should contains language specific properties.
       * @param data data representing the project informations
       * @return the page or <code>null</code> if there is no need of any language
       *          page. 
      public LanguageWizardPage getWizardPage(UnoFactoryData data);

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