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org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::OOEclipsePlugin Class Reference

Inherits org::eclipse::ui::plugin::AbstractUIPlugin, and org::eclipse::core::resources::IResourceChangeListener.

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Detailed Description

Plugin entry point, it is used by Eclipse as a bundle.

This class contains the main constants of the plugin, like its ID, the UNO project nature. The internationalization method is provided in this class too.


Definition at line 86 of file OOEclipsePlugin.java.

Public Member Functions

 OOEclipsePlugin ()
void resourceChanged (IResourceChangeEvent event)
void start (BundleContext context) throws Exception
void stop (BundleContext context) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static IWorkbenchPage getActivePage ()
static OOEclipsePlugin getDefault ()
static Image getImage (String key)
static ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor (String key)
static Process runTool (IUnoidlProject project, String shellCommand, IProgressMonitor monitor)
static Process runToolWithEnv (IUnoidlProject project, String shellCommand, String[] env, IProgressMonitor monitor)
static void setDefaultPreferences ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String LOGLEVEL_PREFERENCE_KEY = "loglevel"
static final String OOECLIPSE_PLUGIN_ID = "org.openoffice.ide.eclipse.core"
static final String OOO_CONFIG = ".ooo_config"
static final String UNO_EDITOR_ID = OOECLIPSE_PLUGIN_ID + ".editors.UnoidlEditor"
static final String UNO_NATURE_ID = OOECLIPSE_PLUGIN_ID + ".unonature"

Protected Member Functions

ImageManager getImageManager ()

Static Private Member Functions

static String[] addEnv (String[] env, String name, String value, String separator)

Private Attributes

ImageManager mImageManager

Static Private Attributes

static OOEclipsePlugin sPlugin

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