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Image org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::i18n::ImageManager::getImage ( String  key  )  [inline]

Method which returns the image corresponding to the provided key.

key Key corresponding to the image to find
image corresponding to the key, or null if the key doesn't exists or the bundle is null

Definition at line 107 of file ImageManager.java.

References getImageDescriptor().

Referenced by org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::OOEclipsePlugin::getImage().

            // Tries to load the image from the registry before looking into the bundle
            Image image = mRegistry.get(key);
            if (null == image){
                  // The registry do not contain the key, so look into the bundle
                  ImageDescriptor descr = getImageDescriptor(key);
                  if (null != descr){
                        // if the descriptor isn't null, create the image
                        image = descr.createImage();
                        mRegistry.put(key, image);
            return image;

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