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org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::internal::model::UnoidlProject Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::internal::model::UnoidlProject:

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Detailed Description

This class implements the UNO-IDL and project nature interface.


Definition at line 77 of file UnoidlProject.java.

Public Member Functions

void addProperty (QualifiedName name, String value)
void configure () throws CoreException
void deconfigure () throws CoreException
void dispose ()
IPath getBuildPath ()
IFile getFile (String path)
IFile getFile (IPath path)
IFolder getFolder (String path)
IFolder getFolder (IPath path)
IPath getIdlPath ()
IPath getIdlRelativePath (IResource resource)
IPath getImplementationPath ()
ILanguage getLanguage ()
String getName ()
IOOo getOOo ()
IProject getProject ()
IPath getProjectPath ()
String getProperty (QualifiedName name)
String getRootModule ()
IPath getRootModulePath ()
ISdk getSdk ()
IPath getServicesPath ()
IPath getSourcePath ()
IPath getTypesPath ()
IPath getUrdPath ()
void setBuilders () throws CoreException
void setCompanyPrefix (String prefix)
void setLanguage (ILanguage newLanguage)
void setOOo (IOOo ooo)
void setOutputExtension (String outputExt)
void setProject (IProject aProject)
void setSdk (ISdk sdk)
String toString ()
 UnoidlProject ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String IDL_FOLDER = "idlfolder"
static final String IDL_LOCATION = "idllocation"
static final String LANGUAGE = "language"
static final String OOO_NAME = "oooname"
static final String OUTPUT_EXT = "outputextension"
static final String SDK_NAME = "sdkname"
static final String UNO_PROJECT = "unoproject"

Private Attributes

String mCompanyPrefix
IConfigListener mConfigListener
ILanguage mLanguage
String mOutputExtension
IProject mProject
ISdk mSdk


class  configListener

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