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org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::unotypebrowser::UnoTypeBrowser Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::unotypebrowser::UnoTypeBrowser:

org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::gui::rows::IFieldChangedListener org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::unotypebrowser::IInitListener

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Detailed Description

A dialog to browse UNO types. This class doesn't launch the types query: this job is performed by the uno type provider to avoid very slow window rendering.


Definition at line 88 of file UnoTypeBrowser.java.

Public Member Functions

void activateFields (boolean activate)
void fieldChanged (FieldEvent e)
InternalUnoType getSelectedType ()
void initialized ()
void setSelectedType (InternalUnoType type)
 UnoTypeBrowser (Shell parentShell, UnoTypeProvider aUnoTypesProvider)

Protected Member Functions

Control createDialogArea (Composite parent)
void okPressed ()

Private Member Functions

void createFilterRows (Composite parent)
void createList (Composite parent)
void refresh ()

Private Attributes

BooleanRow mConstantFilterRow
BooleanRow mConstantsFilterRow
BooleanRow mEnumFilterRow
BooleanRow mExceptionFilterRow
int mFilter
TextRow mInputRow
BooleanRow mInterfaceFilterRow
BooleanRow mModuleFilterRow
InternalUnoType mSelectedType
BooleanRow mServiceFilterRow
BooleanRow mSingletonFilterRow
BooleanRow mStructFilterRow
BooleanRow mTypedefFilterRow
TableViewer mTypesList
UnoTypeProvider mTypesProvider

Static Private Attributes

static final String F_CONSTANT = "__contant"
static final String F_CONSTANTS = "__constants"
static final String F_ENUM = "__enum"
static final String F_EXCEPTION = "__exception"
static final String F_INPUT = "__input"
static final String F_INTERFACE = "__interface"
static final String F_MODULE = "__module"
static final String F_SERVICE = "__service"
static final String F_SINGLETON = "__singleton"
static final String F_STRUCT = "__struct"
static final String F_TYPEDEF = "__typedef"


class  InternalTypesProvider
class  TypeLabelProvider
class  UnoTypesFilter

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