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org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::wizards::NewServiceWizardPage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::wizards::NewServiceWizardPage:

org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::wizards::NewScopedElementWizardPage org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::gui::rows::IFieldChangedListener

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Detailed Description

Service creation wizard page. This page is based on the NewScopedElementWizardPage.


Definition at line 61 of file NewServiceWizardPage.java.

Public Member Functions

void createControl (Composite parent)
void createSpecificControl (Composite parent)
void dispose ()
void fieldChanged (FieldEvent e)
UnoFactoryData fillData (UnoFactoryData data)
String getDescription ()
String getElementName ()
String getInheritanceName ()
String getPackage ()
int getProvidedTypes ()
String getTitle ()
boolean isPageComplete ()
boolean isPublished ()
 NewServiceWizardPage (String pageName, IUnoidlProject project, String aRootName, String aServiceName)
 NewServiceWizardPage (String pageName, IUnoidlProject project)
void setInheritanceName (String value, boolean forced)
void setName (String value, boolean forced)
void setOOoInstance (IOOo aOOoInstance)
void setPackage (String value, boolean forced)
void setPackageRoot (String value)
void setPublished (boolean value, boolean forced)
void setUnoidlProject (IUnoidlProject aUnoProject)
void setVisible (boolean visible)

Protected Member Functions

ImageDescriptor getImageDescriptor ()
String getTypeLabel ()

Protected Attributes

IUnoidlProject mUnoProject

Private Attributes

TypeRow mIfaceInheritanceRow

Static Private Attributes

static final String P_IFACE_INHERITANCE = "__iface_inheritance"

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