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org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::wizards::NewUnoProjectPage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::wizards::NewUnoProjectPage:

org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::gui::rows::IFieldChangedListener org::openoffice::ide::eclipse::core::preferences::IConfigListener

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Detailed Description

Uses the default Project wizard page and add some UNO-IDL special fields: SDK and OOo choices company prefix and Output path


Definition at line 103 of file NewUnoProjectPage.java.

Public Member Functions

void ConfigAdded (Object element)
void ConfigRemoved (Object element)
void ConfigUpdated (Object element)
void createControl (Composite parent)
void dispose ()
void fieldChanged (FieldEvent e)
UnoFactoryData fillData (UnoFactoryData data, boolean force)
ILanguage getChosenLanguage ()
String getOOoName ()
String getOutputExt ()
String getPrefix ()
String getSDKName ()
IUnoidlProject getUnoidlProject ()
 NewUnoProjectPage (String pageName)

Protected Member Functions

boolean validatePage ()

Package Functions

void createProject (IProjectDescription description, IProject projectHandle, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException, OperationCanceledException

Private Member Functions

void addTextListener (Control control)
void checkWhiteSpaces ()
IProject createNewProject ()
void fillOOoRow ()
void fillSDKRow ()

Private Attributes

ChoiceRow mLanguageRow
Vector mListenedTexts = new Vector()
ModifyListener mModifListener
ChoiceRow mOOoRow
TextRow mOutputExt
TextRow mPrefixRow
ChoiceRow mSdkRow
IUnoidlProject mUnoProject = null
IProject newProject

Static Private Attributes

static final String LANGUAGE = "__language"
static final String OOO = "__ooo"
static final String OUTPUT_EXT = "__output_ext"
static final String PREFIX = "__prefix"
static final String SDK = "__sdk"


class  TableDialog

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